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Updated: Sep 11, 2019

The title couldn't be more true. The website builder really really wants anyone that uses their services to write a blog apparently. It felt as though every time I tried to add something new it wanted me to reference my blog or write my first blog so here it is. My not a blog post, blog post.

I will be using this area primarily for updates on projects, current and upcoming. For instance, at this very moment I have 1 short film finishing the festival circuit and one just beginning it. I have 1 feature film that is in serious need of some editing magic. I have 1 very large script (time travel only moving forward) that has been a master class in research and development for me. And my next project to film is an extremely solid script that is designed to be a pilot episode for a Netflix/HBO type series. You know the kind, 8-10 episodes per season that get you hooked and leave you clamoring for more. Add all that to the countless other ideas and script fragments that I have scattered about.

I would also love to take a crack at adapting the Dark Tower series by Stephen King. The movie was a knife through my heart and that story deserves better. That's way above my pay grade at the moment but a boy can dream can't he?

So to reiterate, don't come looking for the 10 best ways to do this and the 5 things to avoid if you are that. I can write what I know and I could ramble for a good stretch but for all our sakes I'll try to keep the rambling to a minimum and stick to what Officer Friday was incorrectly quoted as saying, "Just the facts ma'am." (Look it up)

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